A creative content agency – and specifically New Moon – creates and distributes digital content which shapes our opinions and provokes positive outcomes. New Moon creates and produces stories using the moving image. Usually the stories are filmed, but they are sometimes animated. They are always authentic and have a beginning, a middle and an end – and they are always aimed at achieving very specific marketing, promotional or communication objectives.

We are a company which produces films and digital content, but we also originate the creative and are often an integral part of the strategic planning process. Our founder Caroline Rowland works with some of the biggest names in the world to help to define their narrative, and New Moon produces the content inspired by that thinking and planning. We also produce work for other thinkers and planners and work in tandem with advertising, PR, Communications and Sports Marketing agencies too.

In the 21st Century, virtually everything we think, do and say is somehow informed by our relationship with the digital world. Every day, more and more content populates the web – and everyone now has the power to inform the opinions of others. But amidst all of that noise, it is getting harder to get heard. Creating content which is true to your story, which delivers against a specific objective, which garners the support of influencers in the digital space, and which achieves measurable traction with audiences, requires creative thinking that is not just about making, but also about distributing content.

New Moon is a truly global creative company which celebrates strategic thinking in both our independent productions and every corporate, government, governing body or NGO commission. During our 18-year history we have told stories inspired by diverse cultures in far flung corners of the globe and with political, commercial and social objectives that have changed the course of history.

New Moon can be your creative partner, developing and creating content which helps you to achieve your objectives. But whilst our content is widely acknowledged as persuasive and effective, we are also a very practical company. New Moon can also manage archives, organize and catalogue content, repurpose your existing films and digital content, distribute content and manage the associated rights.